Patient Testimonials

Here are some great things our patients say about the Balfour health Center.

I am a teacher in the LAUSD and I had never seen a chiropractor for anything other than back pain, but while walking though a hallway, I was run into by a student. After that my shoulder started hurting. I waited for a few weeks and it never seemed to get better. After a certain point I was hurting and miserable so I decided to go see my regular doctor and she sent me home with medication that did little to nothing. So I decided to go to Balfour and have Dr. Scott take a look at it. He took the time to examine my arm and shoulder and tell me specifically what was going on and what he was going to do to treat it. It did take a few times of coming in to be treated, but my arm and shoulder feel as good as new. Thanks Dr. Scott!!!

Chatsworth, Ca

In an environment far too dependent on questionnaires, labs, x-rays, etc., it is hard to find someone comfortable enough to make a diagnosis based on my symptoms: And let, this is how my first visit with Dr. Cave went. Using non-clinical terms, I could only describe my pain as "numb fingers, burning feeling and sharp pain." Dr. Cave's response, " I bet I know exactly what's going on"..... And with those words, he stood up, touched my neck and confirmed his diagnosis. I appreciate how quickly he attends to me; how much time he spends helping me understand my injuries, and how patient he is in knowing that, as an active human being, I cannot guarantee not injuring myself again.

Encino, Ca

Dr. Scott Cave works wonders. After years of putting my body through extreme fitness routines there came a point where the numbing pains became sharp and unbearable. Dr. Cave was able to identify and solve these issues quickly. 6 sessions later my body feels the most balanced its felt for a very long time. Did I mention that he's a stand up guy too? Thanks Scott.

Mission Hills, Ca